Humidity Sensors FK80J
Humidity-Temperature Sensors TFK80J



for measuring relative humidity and temperature

  • for semi-industrial and industrial applications
  • operating temperature up to +80 °C
  • humidity measuring range 0...100% r.F.
  • with voltage or current outputsignal:
    0...1 V, 0...10V, 4..20 mA
  • duct-version

  • Humidity ± 2 %rh 40...60 %rh (otherwise 2,5 %rh)
  • Temperature ± 0,2 K with voltage
    ± 0,3 K with current

The sensors of the FK Series are very robust humidity and temperature sensors, providing highly accurate measurements across the entire measuring range. They are available in duct mount and indoor versions, and their excellent measuring characteristics have made them some of the best-selling items for semi-industrial and industrial applications.