Meteorological design



  • very precise and robust
  • operating temperature -40 °C bis +85 °C
  • humidity measuring range 0...100% r.h.
  • output signals: 0...1 V, 0...10V, 4..20 mA
  • with plug-in connection or with robust head
  • specially developed for meteorological applications

  • Humidity ± 2 %rh 10...90 %rh at 25 °C
  • Temperature ± 0,2 K with voltage
    0,3 K with current

Often used in outdoor meteorology applications.
PC-ME series comes with a fixed connecting cable (5 m) or RC-ME series with a robust aluminium connecting head and terminal screw. These compact sensors in a rod-type design are very precise and are specially developed for meteorological applications.