Electronic humidistat with remote sensor head



  • 2 potential-free switching outputs configurable as openers or closers
  • 2 independently configurable setpoints
  • 2 independently configurable switching hystereses
  • Display of current relay switching states
  • Measuring probe is calibrated and in exchangeable plug-in design
  • IP65

Depending on the application, you can use either the eStat10 version with an integrated capacitive humidity sensor, or the eStat20 version with a capacitive humidity sensor mounted up to 25 m away. With two relays for monitoring humidity which can be individually configured, a digital display and two additional analogue outputs for humidity and temperature, between them, the two hygrostats are suitable for the whole spectrum of possible applications: HVAC and building automation, cooling and climate technology, storage and transport, apparatus and plant engineering, production and process automation, agricultural and food technology, energy and environmental technology or meteorology.

The zero potential relay outputs can be internally freely configured as make or break contacts. Both humidity setpoints and the respective hysteresis required can be easily set without having to open the housing. In addition to the relay outputs, for 0 … 100 %rh and also the selected temperature range with 0 … 10 VDC, the hygrostats provide steady voltage output signals for further processing in external control units.

The high contrast, two-line display on the quick-fit hygrostats has a
3-digit alternating display of the values for humidity and temperature and also shows the switching state of the two relays.

The power supply to the hygrostat at 15 … 30 VDC or respectively 13 … 26 VAC corresponds to the conventions used in building automation.