Sensors with analogue output signals

I Series


  • very precise and robust
  • operating temperature -40 °C bis +85 °C
  • humidity measuring range 0...100% r.F.
  • output signals: 0...1 V / 0...2,5 V / 0...10V
  • with plug-in connection or with robust connecting head
  • for meteorological applications optional with filter

  • Humidity ± 1,5 %rh 10...90 %rh at 23 °C
  • Temperature ± 0,2 K at 23 °C

Robust construction and the option of equipping the sensors with special filters as well as a variety of optional special equipment make these sensors versatile all-round standouts for use in humidity and temperature measurement settings. For extreme applications (near the sea, desert, mountains, areas with high airflow speeds, etc.) we recommend one of our stainless steel sintered filters

Possible applications