Digital humidity temperature sensor PMU-V



  • with asynchronous ASCII transmission protocol
  • calibrated for relative humidity and temperature
  • exchangeable, plug-in design
  • stainless steel housing
  • IP 65 protection
  • hx converter for derived humidity variables

  • Humidity± 1,5 %rh 10...90 %rh at 23 °C
  • Temperature ± 0,15 K at 23 °C

All transmitters of the Plug‘n‘ Measure Series work with an internal hx processor which uses the measured values for relative humidity and temperature to also
calculate enthalpy, absolute humidity, mixting ratio (water/air) or wet-bulb
temperature. When it‘s time to recalibrate the transmitter, the measuring heads (PMU) can be switched within seconds, allowing processes to run continuously
with virtually no interruption.
Typical applications are air conditioning and refrigeration, process and production automation, the pharmaceutical industry, humidity and temperature measurements in quality control, in agricultural engineering, meteorology and many more.