Capteurs d'humidité/de température, sonde et transmetteur peuvent se combiner à volonté

Série A et B à sortie RS485 / RS232


Capteurs pour les applications industrielles exigeantes
Plage de température -80 à 200°C
Utilisable jusqu'à 25 bar
à processeur hx intégré
Compensation in-situ par touches et diode lumineuses
Trois modèles différents, afficheur optionnel (seul RS485)

Série A: sondes Plug-and-Measure (sondes interchangeables)
Série B: sondes solidaires

The robust devices are available to be mounted in ducts, on walls, or are available with a stainless steel probe which can be up to 5 m away from the output electronics. Depending on the application, we either recommend using transmitters with exchangeable or permanently assigned probes. The type of filters and filter materials can be adapted to suit the respective protection category required (up to IP65).

All devices work with an internal processor that uses the measured values of the relative humidity and temperature to calculate dew point temperature, enthalpy, absolute humidity, mixing ratio (water/air) or the wet-bulb temperature. Digitalization of the signal processing allows the measurement accuracy for humidity to reach excellent values of ±1.5 % RH, and with the platinum resistance sensor, the accuracy of the temperature measurement reaches tolerances of ±0.15 K. Depending on the individual design, the sensors can be used at temperatures of between -80 °C and +200 °C and at pressures of up to 25 bar in non-corrosive air.

For use in industrial process automation, pharmaceutical industry, automation of production, humidity and temperature measurement in the quality control and many other applications.